Ferrari F70 Spy Shot

Although it looks rough, this is probably the closest we’ve seen to what the real replacement to the Enzo (currently called the F70) will look like. Meant to be the ultimate car, the ultimate Ferrari. It’s certain that it will rely heavily on carbon fiber, use in the main tub and exterior is expected.

Power is expected to come in at around 900hp, from a hybrid V12 system. Similar to the Ferrari HY-KERS concept, a generator on the front of the engine will charge the batteries, which will power a motor attached to the dual clutch automatic. Expect to see this incredible car some time towards the end of 2013.

Price – TBD

2012 SLP Chevrolet Camaro Panther

General Motors tuner SLP will be offering the limited edition Panther, only 100 will be available in 560hp, 585hp or 600hp. Another 45 will be built as 700hp cars. All of them will be black.

Looking at the Panther 600, power comes from Magna Charge TVS2300 supercharger, high lift rocker arms, springs and titanium retainers along with a cold air induction system and updated exhaust system. There’s also suspension upgrade, better handling (and ride lowering) springs. More options are, of course, available.

Zero to sixty is estimated at 3.5 seconds with the Panther 600 package. Although wheelspin may be a limiting factor.

Price $57,000 (includes $32,000 1SS donor car)

For more information SLP

McLaren MP4-12C

It’s already been twenty years since McLaren built the million dollar, three seat F1. That was an amazing car, a turning point in the automotive world some might say. Carbon fiber cars were now available in a production car. And it didn’t end there. Soon there will be production cars with carbon fiber tubs with sticker prices far less shocking, think about $50k. Of course this won’t be anything like the F1. The point is carbon fiber is here to stay.

McLaren is the master of the carbon fiber domain, and it shows in the brilliant work in the new MP4-12C. Manufacturing this one piece monocoque tub takes McLaren only four hours. The whole car comes in at only 3210lbs, thanks to this lightweight construction.

The MP4-12C comes with what seems like an undersized 3.8 liter V8. But fitted with twin turbos it makes 592hp and 443lbs of torque. Fed through a dual clutch seven speed automatic, it’s good for a 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 205mph.

Price $231,400

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Carrol Shelby, and American Icon: 1923-2012

Automobiles Daily morns the loss of an icon in the automotive world, Mr. Carrol Shelby, who passed away May 11, 2012 at 89 years of age. To say that his life is the stuff of legend would be a gross understatement. We will try to cover a few of the highlights of that incredible life, but recommend, “The Complete Book of Shelby Automobiles” by Colin Comer as an excellent reference for Shelby designed vehicles.

Born in Leesburg, Texas in 1923 he became a bomber pilot for the Army Air Corps in 1941. Because he excelled in this role he ended up becoming an instructor for these massive planes, and never actually flew in combat missions.

Shelby’s racing life started in 1952, when he took time away from his chicken farm in his friend’s MG-TC. It didn’t take long to find out he “had the touch”, he seemed to be able to win against cars that he shouldn’t have. Soon he was driving just about every brand you can think of, and winning a lot! Sadly, his racing career was cut short in 1960 by a heart condition. In fact he drove with nitro tablets under his tongue during his last few races.

Over the years the Shelby touch has been applied to the 80′s Shelby Dodge Charger, 90′s Shelby 1, the CSX Cobra continuation line and a long list of Mustang vehicles, the latest of which is the astounding 1000hp car capable of 200mph!

The Shelby legacy will live on through his cars, and through the Carrol Shelby Children’s Foundation. After going through a heart transplant, and later a kidney transplant, Mr. Shelby learned that many children suffer some of these same issues and created this foundation.

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Limited Edition Nissan Juke-R

This is just plain cuh-razy. Nissan will be taking an extremely limited number of orders for the Juke-R. Bragging rights won’t come cheap, at an estimated $590,000! But that gets you one of the very few of these cars in existence, and it will have the 545hp Godzilla engine.

For those of you who just want a seriously fast, extremely capable, well handling car that is made in slightly higher numbers for a lot less money. You might consider the Nissan GTR, at $97,820 you could actually buy a base model Juke (about $21,000) and still have money left over.

If you’re seriously considering the Juke-R contact Nissan

2013 Ferrari California HS

Ahh, the Ferrari California, equally beautiful top up or top down, now available with the HS package. HS stands for Handling Speciale, new for 2013. The car already comes with a 4.3 liter 490hp V8, the HS package promises to put that power to good use. Stiffer springs, magnetic dampers and a faster electronic control unit are combined to greatly enhance cornering, add to that the latest F1 traction control and you’re suddenly taking corners like… well like you’re driving a Ferrari California HS!

Zero to sixty comes in 3.8 seconds, through a dual clutch seven speed automatic transmission.

Price $201,290 (base)

2013 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse

We may be getting a bit ahead of ourselves when we say we would very much like to have this car. Very, very much. Lets take a look at what makes the almost unbelievable Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse.

Weighing in at 4400lbs and stuffed with a massive 8 liter W12 QUAD turbo charged 64 valve engine, pumping out an astounding 1200hp and 1106lbs torque it’s sure to be fast. How fast? Well 0-60 blurs by in 2.4 seconds, hitting 100 miles per hour takes just 5 seconds and the standing 1/4 mile will disappear in 10 seconds flat. All out this thing might pass an Indy car, with a top speed of 255mph! Few humans have any idea just how fast things fly by you at anything close to that sort of insane speed.

To make all of this happen the Veyron 16.4 Sport Vitesse must dispose of an incredible amount of heat and create enough downforce to keep itself from flying through the air. Bugatti engineers accomplished both tasks, beautifully. The automobile itself is no less than a work of art, that gives little hint to the incredible levels of technology required just to keep it in one piece as it hurtles down the road. This is truly the fastest production car on earth.

Cost Estimated at $2,250,000.00

EPA city/highway driving: 8mpg/15mpg

For more information Bugatti

For another perspective Autoweek

2014 Porsche 918 Spyder

If you saw the car pictured above would you want it? To the uninitiated seeing a car during the development stages, going from concept to prototype, to beta and so on, can be a bit unnerving to say the least. If you’d like to calm those nerves straight away just skip to the bottom and see what Porsche expects the finished product should look like.

But that picture at the bottom is of the concept, can they actually build it. It’s certainly possible. But to get there they must first build something like you see above. A test bed, if you will, to see what works and what does not.

So here’s what we know so far, the hybrid system being tested is a 4.6 liter V8 at 570hp, combined with a 107hp electric motor for the front wheels, and another 121hp electric motor that works in concert with the V8 to drive the rear wheels. All told we’re talking 770hp, capable of 0-60 in under 3 seconds. Top speed is estimated in the 205mph range.

On the down side those cool looking exhaust pipes simply, well, are not cool. To keep the hybrid system cool the exhaust system will be a “hot v” configuration, running over the top of the engine just aft of the passengers heads. Should be coolish.

Price TBD (a lot)

2013 Mercedes SL65 AMG

The flagship of the SL line, the 2013 SL65 AMG boasts a 6 liter twin turbo V12 making 621hp and a stump pulling (not recommended) 738lbs of torque. 0-60 will slip by in 3.9 seconds, and top speed is 186mph. This powerful V12 is mated to an AMG Speedshift Plus 7 speed sequential-shift transmission.

This new SL is composed mostly of lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber, with steel being used in the windshield area only.

With a four mode gearbox, adaptable suspension and retractable roof, what’s not to love?

Available in November of 2013, Price TBD

2013 Porsche Panamera GTS

That’s the interior of the 2013 Porsche Panamera GTS, looks nice doesn’t it? We all know what the exterior looks like. Some love it, some not so much. But that interior is incredible, completely beautiful and hard for anyone to complain about.

So what’s the “GTS”? The GTS model gets you all wheel drive, the V8 from the S model (along with a few additional performance adjustments) giving you 430hp (the standard S V8 is 400hp). Actually some of the bits that help bring this extra performance on board come from the Panamera Turbo model (but don’t think you’re getting a turbo at this price).

Also borrowed from the Turbo model are the larger brakes, adjustable three piece spoiler and 19″ wheels.

The GTS also brings better sound, with a tuned exhaust that gives much more of that throaty aural feedback than the other versions of the Panamera.

Performance is good, with 0-60 showing at 4.1 seconds.

Price $110,875

For more information Porsche