Brabus Tunes Smart Fortwo Electric?

We didn’t believe it either. But apparently Brabus (known for squeezing performance from Mercedes) decided to see what it could do with a Smart. And not just any Smart, but the all electric Smart Fortwo.

So how did they do? Well the stock unit produces 74hp and 96lbs of torque. The Brabus tuned car isn’t exactly “blistering”, but is better, with 81hp and 100lbs of torque. They also lower it, add an aero kit, sport suspension (to handle all of that power?), sport steering wheel and upgrade the tires and wheels.

Price TBD

Tesla Model X

Tesla Motors on Thursday unveiled a new SUV that the automaker plans to put into production by 2014.

The plug-in electric crossover is based on the same engineering as the Model S sedan, a car that’s expected to go into full production this summer, but the Model X rides higher and has front-facing third row seats.

Is it just me, or are those doors truly awesome!

The Model X will be available in both rear- and four-wheel-drive versions. The four-wheel-drive version, which will use two independent electric motors, will have a zero-to-sixty acceleration time in the 4.4 seconds, Musk said.

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2012 Mitsubishi i Electric Car

Mitsubishi has started selling their new i all electric car. The i will have a 66hp electric motor with a single speed gearbox and a 16kWh lithium-ion battery package. This will propel the i from 0-60 in about 13 seconds and provide a range of 62 miles on a full charge.

Price starts at $29,975 (pre-tax credit cost)

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Coda Automotive Selling Sedans In February

Coda Automotive has announced they will begin selling their all-electric sedan in February. Coda will offer a four door sedan with an estimated range of 150 miles per charge with a starting price of $39,900. There will be another sedan offered with less range for about $2650 less.

This is a relatively significant release in the electric vehicle world. The Coda sedan will have the longest range per charge of any sedan currently available.

Price $39,900

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Foldable Electric Car To Debut In Europe

Meet Hiriko. Hiriko is an all electric car that starts out small, and can be “folded” to become even smaller. In fact three of these cars can fit in one standard European parking spot. There’s room for a driver and one passenger only, who enter through the windshield that hinges upward. Already great for getting into tight spaces, the Hiriko is made even better by way of four electric motors that can each be rotated a full 90 degrees. This gives the Hiriko four-wheel steering! This is all based on a design concept from MIT (see link below). Pretty cool.

Think of this as a ‘get around the city’ car, with an estimated range of 62 miles per charge. Shipping and price should be coming in a year or so, but estimates put it at around 12,500 euros ($16,400).

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MIT Concepthttpv://

Breaking News: Tesla To Reveal Model X on February 9

Tesla Motors appears to thrive under pressure. With their forthcoming Model S sedan not even officially in production yet, we’ve just learned that Tesla will unveil a prototype of the Model X on February 9th. This new vehicle, which is expected to be a small all electric SUV, is described by Tesla insiders as, “having the functionality of a mini-van, with a design as cool as an SUV”. This editor pictures something along the lines of a crossover.

The Model X vehicle is scheduled for delivery in late 2013. From what I’ve heard from industry insiders this vehicle will have some pretty cool doors on it. Hopefully we’ll get some pictures to post soon.

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How Tesla Might Change The Automotive World

Unless you’ve been in a cave you’ve probably heard something about Tesla, and their forthcoming Model S sedan. This is the first all electric sedan that will be capable of traveling 300 miles on a charge. In it’s most extreme form it can travel from 0-60 in a scant 4.4 seconds. Yes folks, this is the real deal electric car some people have been waiting for. The model S will seat five adults, and has an option for two more jump seats (for child use only).

So can Tesla pull it off? Well, that remains to be seen. But this reviewer has been to the factory and taken a test ride. I was very impressed with both the factory and the vehicle itself. This was, however, a “beta” vehicle, and some minor changes are to be expected in the final production model.

Prices vary, starting at $49,900 (after federal tax credit) base price. Several packages are available, with the Signature model starting at $84,900 and the 4.4 second Performance version starting at $87,900.

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