Carrol Shelby, and American Icon: 1923-2012

Automobiles Daily morns the loss of an icon in the automotive world, Mr. Carrol Shelby, who passed away May 11, 2012 at 89 years of age. To say that his life is the stuff of legend would be a gross understatement. We will try to cover a few of the highlights of that incredible life, but recommend, “The Complete Book of Shelby Automobiles” by Colin Comer as an excellent reference for Shelby designed vehicles.

Born in Leesburg, Texas in 1923 he became a bomber pilot for the Army Air Corps in 1941. Because he excelled in this role he ended up becoming an instructor for these massive planes, and never actually flew in combat missions.

Shelby’s racing life started in 1952, when he took time away from his chicken farm in his friend’s MG-TC. It didn’t take long to find out he “had the touch”, he seemed to be able to win against cars that he shouldn’t have. Soon he was driving just about every brand you can think of, and winning a lot! Sadly, his racing career was cut short in 1960 by a heart condition. In fact he drove with nitro tablets under his tongue during his last few races.

Over the years the Shelby touch has been applied to the 80′s Shelby Dodge Charger, 90′s Shelby 1, the CSX Cobra continuation line and a long list of Mustang vehicles, the latest of which is the astounding 1000hp car capable of 200mph!

The Shelby legacy will live on through his cars, and through the Carrol Shelby Children’s Foundation. After going through a heart transplant, and later a kidney transplant, Mr. Shelby learned that many children suffer some of these same issues and created this foundation.

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