2013 Ford Flex


The 2013 Ford Flex adds slight changes to the interior and interior. Dual chrome exhaust come standard on all models now, as do better brakes (front brakes are straight off the Taurus SHO). The base V6 jumps 25hp, to 287hp and 254lbs torque. Fuel economy goes up slightly as well, to 18 city, 25 highway (two wheel drive version).

At 4637lbs you may want to option for the EcoBoost twin turbo V6, although only available with all-wheel drive, power jumps to 365hp and 350lbs torque.

We consider this vehicle a bit of a sleeper, in the sense that it doesn’t seem to get the appreciation it might deserve. The interior is quiet and comfortable, and there is a lot of technology in this car that one might sometimes only see on much more expensive vehicles. Push-button start, rain-sensing wipers, remote start, and power-folding mirrors join the options list, while Ford’s Sync voice-recognition system is standard equipment. Other options include adaptive cruise control (which features a collision warning system, that lets you know if you’re about to bash into the car in front of you). Other features include a blind-spot warning system, Curve Control (which actually slows it down if you enter a curve to quickly) and Torque Vectoring (which can prevent understeer). Rear seat options include inflatable seat belts, to help protect smaller passengers.

Price $30,885

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